Furby Boom Is Furby 2013–the Next Generation Furbys

Furby Boom

Furby Boom 2013 Pink Polka Dot

Furby Boom–the 2013 Furby is new and even more improved. With this new Furby, there are many more ways to play. And you can collect, hatch and raise as many as 50 furblings.

Hasbro has given Furby 2013 its own app. However, the Furby 2013 Boom app will work only with Furby Boom. And the app can save a maximum of three Furbys.

There’s a lot more content with Furby 2013 along with new personalities, bolder patterns and the new App feature.

Still speaking Furbish and still with a mind of its own like the previous Furby, Furby Boom 2013 has a personality all of its own. As with the previous Furby, you can shape Furby’s personality by the way you play. And Furby is sensitive to other Furbys, sound, touch and motion. Also, like previous models of Furbys, Furby 2013 does not have an on/off switch.

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What buyers of Furby Boom are saying…

“…My 6yr old loved her Furby but eventually over time and excessive play she wore it out so we bought her this one and she flipped out she was so excited…The age is recommended for 6+ but the Furby Boom is extremely well built and quite durable, as long as you take care of them they would be the perfect entertainment for any child ages 3-16 so the Furby Boom would make a great gift for any child, boy or girl, young or teen. And yes he burps!…”

“…I’m a 30-year-old man and…I LOOOOVE my furby!… I recommend him to the young and the old!”

i am 8 years old. i saved up my money for this toy. when i play it`s always playing with me!”


You can get your Furby Boom decked out in Holiday sweater. Other styles of Furby 2013 are hearts, lightning bolts, peacock, polka dots, waves and more.

Holiday SweaterFurby Boom Holiday

HeartsFurby 2013

Lightning BoltsFurby Boom 2013

PeacockFurby 2013

Polka DotsFurby 2013 Boom


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How does Furby Boom differ from Hasbro’s previous Furby?

With much more responses than the previous Furby, Furby Boom is unpredictable–you just can’t predict its responses–whether you pet it, pull its tail, shake it or tickle it.

Now available at Amazon, here’s what Furby Boom has to offer:

  • Name your Furby Boom and it will remember its name and the names of its new friends as they join the family.
  • Digital eggs that you can collect to build Furby Boom cities. With each virtual egg that you hatch using the Furby Boom app, you get a Furbling.
  • Virtual Furby furblings.
  • Build Furbling cities as you collect and hatch the virtual eggs to hatch furblings.
  • Furby app to play games such as Furball, which in Furby world is the Furby virtual version of soccer. And of course, you can play any number of these games with the virtual Furblings. You can even take Furby Boom and Furblings to the spa.
  • Use the Furby Boom app to take care of your Furby. The app’s monitor will let you know what Furby needs. You can feed Furby Boom by using the app to virtually feed it, keeping it happy and well-fed.
  • The app also allows you to give Furby Boom a shower.
  • Download the free app at the App Store or Google Play.
  • Furby Boom reacts whenever you speak to it.
  • As with previous versions of Furby, Furby Boom speaks Furbish.


Recommended for ages 6 and up

Requires 4 AA batteries that are not included with purchase

Not compatible for previous Furby models

Caution: Although kids will have a lot of fun with Furby Boom 2013 without the app, parents should keep in mind that they’ll be handing over their iPhones to the kids every time they want to use the app to get the full enjoyment of Furby Boom.Buy Furby Boom at Amazon


Furby, New and Improved for 2012?

2012 Furby, new and improved for 2012 is not just the soft and cuddly Furby toy of the 1990s. In 2012, Furby is much more interactive but still cute and not as cuddly (since it’s more robotic) but now has large, wide-eyed, expressive, glowing LCD eyes with mechanical eyelids.  Simply put: Furby, new and very much improved is fun.

Furby responds to voice and touch, has a mind of its own and can change personalities in the blink of an eye depending on how you treat it. And what an attitude!

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With four sensors and a microphone, Furby giggles when you tickle its tummy. It reacts to sounds and voices and responds to commands that are included in the instructions manual. New Furby will also dance and interact with other furbies. Kids will love that; it’s fun to watch.

Speaking Furbish like its predecessor, the new Furby becomes more eloquent the more you talk to it. And the more you talk, the Furby begins to incorporate English into its language, complements of a FREE downloadable App.

For Furby, 2012 is a good year. What toy these days doesn’t come with its own app? Many do. So with the explosion of Apps, Furby benefits because these Apps help with the translation and communicates with the toy through a high frequency audio signal. The App is optional and works with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.

The current colors of the new Furby 2012 are: black, orange, pink, purple, teal, white and yellow with little doubt that there will be more to come.

This is surely going to be a hot toy this Christmas so put it at the top of your holiday toy list so your kids won’t be disappointed.

Comparing New Furby vs. Original Furby

Furby, new and improved from Hasbro also has a wider range of movements than its earlier counterparts. Where the original Furbies could only rock back and forth, the new Furby can squat, stretch, and wiggle. Furbies have an additional feature that adds to the fun–they interact with one another. When one Furby gets within range of another it will start to chatter up a storm because it recognizes its friend.

The original Furby did not have an off switch, and this had a tendency to drive some people crazy. The new Furby, as cute and interactive as it is, also does not have an off switch and no volume button, but it is quieter than the original version, and it automatically goes to sleep if you leave it alone. Each Furby is powered by 4 AA batteries so if you don’t want to wait for it to go to sleep you can always remove the batteries.

The new Furby needs to be fed, loved and given lots of attention. What a great way to prepare a child for pet care.

Furby 2012, new and much more interactive is at the top of the hot toys list right now so get it as soon as possible. It’s a must-have toy this season; the kids will love it.

Order your New Furby now to avoid disappointment in the holiday rush.

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